Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thin The Herd.

Hunting season is NOT open... but it should be.  What are the reasons that allow a hunting season?  Overpopulation and the suffering derived from it (starvation, disease, etc.)  Now, if we are given the right, at certain times of the year, to kill designated groups of animals... why can't that carry over to people?

I want a child molester season.  For one, child molesters get tiny little jail sentences for raping children.  On average, marijuana USERS get double what a child molester would get as far as sentencing.  Then these bastards are allowed to return to society under the assumption that the little bit of treatment they have undergone, was enough to cure them of this affliction.  The weird thing about that, is we as a society (generally) agree that homosexuality is not a choice, just like heterosexuality is not a choice... so what stands to reason that molesters are choosing to do this?  How do we know that it isn't ingrained in them from birth?  A large difference between these aforementioned sexualities is this:  homosexuals and heterosexuals (as long as the sex is consensual) are not hurting anybody, whereas molesters are doing exactly that.  Thin the herd.

On another note, I hate stupid people.  I'm not talking about people that are less than average mentally, I'm talking about the ones that literally have no sensible cognitive abilities.  They say that the world needs ditch diggers, too... but I don't buy that anymore.  I'm sick of paying taxes that in turn take care of some rejects problems.  You want to boost the economy?  Get rid of the dead weight.  Thin the herd.

This season can also apply to the lame, sick, broken, and pathetic.  If you're not moving forward, you're standing in the way.  I'm sorry if this offends anybody, but seriously, fucking toughen up.  If you're reading this, then I'm sure you wouldn't be on the list.  If you SHOULD be on the list... then get the fuck off of my shit.  Good day.

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