Sunday, July 3, 2011

Drug Culture

I've spent a large portion of my 30 years on this big, blue ball, using drugs.  ALL drugs.  I've done most of them anyway, and numerous times each.  I've been the degenerate and I've been the productive citizen.  I've lived at both ends of the spectrum, which I believe allows me the right to speak on this.

I find myself between a rock and a hard place on this issue.  I agree with many arguments for, and against the use of drugs; but, doesn't it come down to a matter of personal freedom?  Shouldn't it be OUR choice what we do to ourselves?

There is definitely a sub-culture that can prove quite dangerous.  A sub-culture defined be degenerates, thieves and rapists.  People that are completely willing to do WHATEVER it takes to maintain their habit; whereas, there is another sub-culture that is able to maintain their habit and remain productive members of society.  The people that function normally throughout the day, hold jobs, take care of their issues, yet still use drugs... should these people live in fear of reprimand for doing something that causes no problem in society?  This is not me saying that it is appropriate for a parent to use heroin while bathing their infants. 

Now an issue dealing with the black market.  The black market will exist eternally, but through the denial of personal freedoms, the black market is thriving.  If it were made obsolete, crime would dwindle to record lows.  There WILL ALWAYS be crime, but that doesn't mean it's not possible to diminish the level without using scare tactics.

I guess my ultimate point would be this:  We need money.  We are currently losing money to international drug trade.  If we eliminate that, and tax and regulate our own homemade drugs, the "officials" would stand to make billions annually just from tax revenue alone.  Draw your own conclusions.  Marijuana is not a drug.

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